Frequently asked questions


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Mr and Mrs Mint ships internationally. ✈️

How long do you take to process my order?

Because we are a “made to order” little store, our processing time, from the moment you order, is 5 – 12 business days. (Business days are from Monday – Friday only)

When will my order arrive?

After the processing time is done, we will ship your goods. If you live in the US or Canada it will take approximately 8 – 15 days or more during peak times. If it is International it will take approximately 2 – 8 weeks, or more during peak times. We are a two minties team + Lulu, so we can only work as fast as our hands and paws will let us! 🐶

Can I have a tracking number?

Currently only on the orders from USA and Puerto Rico we can guarantee a tracking number. If your shipping address is in these countries and you see no tracking number sent to you after the order being shipped, drop us an email. We can promptly fix that for you if you let us know! Nevertheless we are working to see if tracking is available for other countries so we can set it up in the future for any available country. We think tracking is important to all and should be available to all too. 🔎

How is my order packaged?

All of our orders that include only sticker sheets will be shipped in a strong and durable rigid envelope to protect your goodies. 📦


What method of payments do you accept?

We are accepting: Paypal and Credit Card via Paypal even without a Paypal account. 💳

How much will my customs fees be if applicable?

Customs fees vary country to country so (if you think you can be charged with a customs fee) get in touch with your local customs office to find out BEFORE making an order! We legally have to put the correct amount on our customs forms (or we can be fined) so this means we can't state your order as a gift to bypass this. 📮


Do you do custom orders?

We are not taking custom orders at the moment. Sorry love!

Can I give you ideas on what would I love to see in your store?

Absolutly! We would love to hear your ideas. Please send us a happy note at:

Can I cancel my order?

All of our sales are FINAL. So, unfortunately you will not be able to cancel your order.

Oh no! I put the wrong address, now what? 😱

If you notice an error after you have placed your order, please contact us immediately by email. If your shipping label has already been created and paid for, you will be required to cover the costs to create a new label. If your order has already been shipped, you will need to wait for the order to be returned to us and you will be responsible for the additional shipping charge.

I received the wrong item, now what?

Please contact us at: (with the order number) and we will be glad to help you.

I did not reveived my order or came in damaged, now what?

Unfortunately Mr and Mrs Mint is not responsible for any packages that are lost or damage once the goodies shipped from our little store. If you have not received your goodies, please give at least 30 days after the order shipped for USPS to work their stuff and hopefully show any movement from their part. In any case, please drop us an email with the order number. We'll kindly assist you! Or send Lulú to get your mail! 🐶

How much time is needed for processing my order?

Our current processing time is between 5-12 business days. If you have a deadline for an order feel free to drop us an email before placing it to make sure we can get it out on time! 🔀

Sales and Promotions

Do you have any coupon codes?

All coupon codes and promotions are posted on our Instagram. If you do not see anything regarding sales or promotions in our recent posts, then there are no current coupon codes or promotions currently running.

A little more...

Which is the size of each sticker and how many are on the sticker sheet?

We provide a clear photo for each product displaying the entire sheet so you are able to see the amount of stickers included per sheet. Here a little chart for reference, counting the white border and referencing the longest side:

  • Doodle Stickers | up to .6 inches
  • Functional Stickers | up to .6 inches
  • Spiritual Stickers | up to .6 inches
  • Word Stickers | up to 1 inch
If you need the exact size of a specific sticker, send our way message and we can help you out. 📐