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Our First Washi ever! | Mr + Mrs Mint

Hey Minties! I don’t know where to start, but I am beyond 🙌happy, beyond excited. One of the goals that I had in my wishlist for a long time was to make our first washi tape, but at that time I didn’t have the time ( I was working in a 40 hours job), plus the shop (that I was not talking good care of), plus been a wife, plus my anxiety, plus other personal stuff.

After Covid-19 hit, I was left without the 40 hours job so I took that opportunity to work Mr + Mrs Mint Planner Boutique shop as my main job and give her the love 💕 she needed. While I still have other goals on my list for Mr + Mrs Mint, I can proudly check off as ✅ done: Make our first custom Washi Tape. OMG!!!!

How was a able to do it? First of all thanks to my 🤵husband Mr. Mint. Since I deal with lots of anxiety, my mind gets blocked easily, but Mr. Mint gave me a push every day, and for that I am really thankful. Also, I was able to fullfill this milestone thanks to all the Minties 🤗 in our life that has supported our little corner. Thanks to YOU we are working on other little projects for Mr + Mrs Mint. ((Big hugs to You))

Now let’s present you our new baby in the family, our Holo Foiled Bonnie Washi:

Isn’t she a 😍beauty? I hope you love this washi as much as we do. Thank you so much for been part of this project and for been part of our Mr + Mrs Mint community. Remember we are here because YOU made it happen and for that, we are grateful. 🙏

PS. Please be safe and healthy, and Happy Planning!!!

Mrs. Mint
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